About Us

The Best Service Provider

D&T Mechanical Services Ltd was founded in 2017, a privately owned business based in Coventry. We now operate from our offices and fabrication workshop in the heart of the city.

Our hands-on senior management has combined industry experience of over 90 years. We pride ourselves on our client working relationships which are based on high standards, an exceptional work ethic and our proactive approach to any project.

Highly Skilled In-house Team

Our in-house team consists of 40+ highly skilled on-site operatives, five gas-safe engineers and four coded welders in our fabrication workshop.

Our site team enable us to provide industrial and commercial mechanical services, including pipefitting, coded welding, brazing, gas, screwed, soldered, boiler houses, plant rooms, energy centres, renewable energies, CHP, air/ground source heat pumps, chilled water and other client specific services.

Off-Site Manufacturing

Our off-site fabrication facility allows us to manufacture pipe spools, plant skids, service modules, packaged plant rooms and other related fabrications, which speeds up the on-site installation process.

We can significantly reduce the health and safety concerns involved with operating on-site by doing so in our plant and drastically lower the risk of accidents.

Our coded pipefitter welders are highly experienced within the industry, and the team specialise in mild steel and stainless steel pipework using MMA, TIG and MIG welding. We carry our own welding procedures, and our welders are qualified to class 1 standards.

Off-site manufacturing reduces site disruption, allowing us to concentrate on designing a solution that is precisely implemented and produced according to your specifications.

Our Core Values


Honesty is the foundation of trust. Being honest means consistently telling the truth, acting with integrity, and owning up to mistakes. It involves transparency in communication and a commitment to doing what is right, even when it’s difficult.


Ethical behaviour involves adhering to a set of moral principles and values. It means making decisions that are fair, just, and morally sound. Ethical individuals prioritise doing what is right over personal gain or convenience.


An approachable person is open, friendly and easy to talk to. They create an environment where others feel comfortable sharing ideas, concerns and feedback. Approachability fosters collaboration and open communication.


Reliability is about being consistent and dependable. Reliable individuals can be counted on to fulfil their commitments and meet deadlines. They follow through on their promises, which builds trust and confidence in their abilities.


Teamwork is the collaborative effort of individuals to achieve a common goal. It involves effective communication, mutual support, and willingness to work together harmoniously. Team players understand that the collective effort often leads to better results than individual contributions.

The Benefits of Working with D&T Mechanical


Our processes have been tried, tested, and proven highly economical, saving our clients time and money.

Environmental Friendly

Working on a project in our factory as opposed to on-site lessens your carbon footprint because we only transport the project when it is ready for installation, reducing pollution and its adverse environmental effects.

Total Control

We can provide ultimate quality control because we operate within our purpose-designed environment. Nothing leaves our prefabrication workshop until it satisfies our client’s specifications and passes our QC inspections.

Health and Safety

We employ an external consultancy with a wealth of knowledge within the industry to carry out impartial health and safety audits which ensure all sites are operating as safely as possible.